Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to the Internet?

     In order to begin this long journey together I want to cultivate the ground and assist those of you who are searching for Truth and need a clear direction within the crazy world we are living in.  Crazy is a term that only begins to describe the world we live in because of the speed at which we are receiving information; we jump from one thing to the next and in the process of moving so fast the proverbial  head begins to spin. I will, through the course of this blog use video and others means of media to demonstrate the clear presents of truth and in the process explain untruths that are designed to deceive and take hold and control of our lives for one gross-um purpose. This blog is intended to alert and point you to the right answers. What authority do I have to give these calls of alarm and discernment?  You will have to read to find that out as time goes on.

   The writing style I have chosen to use may at times seem vague,but please bare with me because in the process of laying the groundwork for the theme I am trying to assist you the reader into a straight path with no distractions from your own preconceived ideas of the origin of truth and what is false. Now if you are this far in the reading, you are either being polite or you are interested in what I have to say. The big question you probably have is, "How am I going to do this?" This is a fair question and it is well warranted because, "Who am I to say anything about what Truth is." I am human I make mistakes I can be fooled and I can mislead to promote my selfish existence as can everyone else. So if you are in the same predicament, you are not any better than anyone else.  If we can agree that I am at the same level or less than the next person, than we can start a link to what truth is.

   If you are shaking your head let me explain how we are going to sift through what is truth and what is deception. Suppose I have a light source that I have place on a table in a dark room pointed at a wall. The light used is perceived as a single white in color light to the naked eye, but prior knowledge from those who studied and tested theories have demonstrated to us that there are individual Colors that are derived from light.  If you placed a prism between the source of light and where it is directed, the light is split into seven separate colors that are always present every time. In order to seperate the True from the false we need a prism of pure quality to be a standard that we can always use to go between our perceptions and the source of the incoming light.
    The vast access to increasing knowledge does have one distinct limitation with a great disadvantage; identifying Truth, clear cut and dry. All of the countless content that exists out there not just through the internet but else where its plain to see why there are so many skeptics, even to the most good of intentions, charitable causes, church missions and an array of others. Than there is the other side of the coin that involves the ease in which  there is always a growing number of acceptance to false belief systems, through misinformed information gatherers who present them with falsehood or those who seek to use disinformation to dilute and fool the masses with their information.

  In order to decode what is reality from what is perceived reality, the riddle of truth needs to be defined, a clear position, a locked in target setting that is immovable and will never change . If anyone is going to be intellectually honest with themselves about this issue they first need to admit they do not have all the answers. Through history we can prove this by simply exploring the great philosophers of old like Socrates 469 BC - 399 BC; who said, "I know that I know nothing". If such a man with great wisdom  sought after knowledge and admitted this simple, but profound statement, it is at this level we can begin.
 Every generation from this day forward is subject to more and much more information that is useful and useless to themselves. One very important element to this blog is to sift through the topics that are current and have relevance to the world we live in and to clear the path toward truth. I have chosen the title of the blog, "Deception Amuk", because from the beginning of time what we see as reality has been manipulated and distorted from those who wish to harm us. Their tools,however appear as light, peaceful and good. Unfortunately for many of you it is too late,the ideals and preconceived concepts you cling to have got a hold so tight your view of the world will assist the ones who want to control you through fear and other forms of crafty and extremely settle ways.

    There is, however One individual that has stumped so many because of His actions, His words and His astonishing wealth of knowledge that no one can refute or disprove Him to this day. As I was putting my thoughts together,  I decided to try this idea out on you the readers, I broke one of the most crucial rules in grammar, I did not divulge the name of the individual or subject that I am referring to. Did you catch it? "I just did it!" The clues are highlighted. For Those of you who can read between the lines understand very well where I am going with this one and for those who do not see it; stick around, because there is more to begotten. The one individual that I am referring to is the prism that can separate the true from the false. But Please be aware that even this very symbol, the prism, can be distorted and used to signify for another belief system that is inherently false.

    Many adults troubled today with trust and betrayal are hurt because they have been traumatized in some way or another.  The brokenness experienced is a critical moment in ones life for rebuilding .  If the abuse and mistrust continues without ceasing and explanation as to why, the person is at risk of self destruction.   Permanent corruption will replace the broken mind by the ones who want to control and destroy, they will have access to a mind that is opened to any deception. This is known as "trauma based programming";in the extreme level of mind control.  I will explain much of this in detail later.   We have a whole generation of children that have been broken and are being programmed with out using extreme programming to do it. The question is; who is doing the programming?   If not from trauma it is from refusing to outwardly seek the truth. They refuse to open their eyes and weigh the facts the character traits and the history of the ones they credit, quote and align themselves with. Those that have lied to them; news sources, popular magazines, politicians, teachers and clergy.  We all know we live in an imperfect world and we are extremely double minded in referring to these groups. We say, "All Political figures lie", then we are so disenchanted that a politician we elected did not produce the miracles he or she said that they would. The clergy that are to be sought after for guidance in troubling times and are said to have a moral compass that is true, have in many cases abused there position of authority. Although this is clearly not the majority it is perceived that way to many that believe they all have abused their position in one way or another usually have been given only two choices to choose from and they are usually something like, financial means or sexual abuse.  The stories in the headlines that read, "Another congregation taken for a ride by the promises of a preacher." Or you here of, "Church rocked by sex scandal and the minister running it all..."
   This slight of hand manipulation is not new.   There are those that feed off of the chaos and confusion of our world and it is a means to an end. Their plan is clear when uncovered by the prism that can distinguish right from wrong. Those who know this tend to forget at times that this evil exists and is uses what ever means necessary to the dictate situation. You have heard, "Perception is reality"; but there is more to it.  "Perception is reality and what is projected is not rejected in a culture that is conditioned to think a certain way."  Did you get that? "A culture that is conditioned to think a certain way." Is there a link to all the deception in the world. If there is one source of finding Truth than this source must also be able to reveal the source or sources of evil. Is the proof to the statement I just made? I believe there is over whelming proof that we are being condition for a delusion so big at a grandiose scale that only a small number of the entire worlds population will be able to discern what is happening to the rest and that is why I write to you.

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